In black and in color In black and in color

My dear ones, I always choose color 🙂
The more colorful the styling, the better I feel 😀
But I must tell you that black is also cool 🙂
Especially when combined with colors 🙂
It calms down the vibration of colors.
More and more often I wear black clothes
enlightened with accessories 🙂
The example can be the coat in this outfit 🙂
You must remember it from another styling
when I showed it with a festive dress 😉 😀
This is a BIG GIRL coat 😀
I only added a belt to it
and it looks totally different 😀
That means the coat is multi functional
and suits many different looks 😀
That’s why I love it so much 😀
I must remind you
that 10% off is waiting in BIG GIRL shop
with MODOROTA password 😀

I’m inviting you to use it 😀

Under the coat you can see a T shirt
with colorful hearts print and sequin inscription 🙂
The styling is crowned with bright colored pants.

Look my dear ones,
how black makes the styling not over the top.
The whole is balanced.
Black appears also in accessories of course
but I will tell about them in next entry.

Photos made by Matylda Szafrańska 🙂