In black and in color

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My dear ones, I always choose color 🙂 The more colorful the styling, the better I feel 😀 But I must tell you that black is also cool 🙂 Especially when combined with colors 🙂 It calms down the vibration of colors. More and more often I wear black clothes enlightened with accessories 🙂 The …

Enchanted geometry of colors

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That is the styling enchanted in geometry of colors 🙂 The coat charms us with its print and all the rectangles fit each other’s colors. They are framed with black lines so we can admire them together or separately 🙂 When I’m climbing the stairs I feel like I’m going to the top of a …

Colorful checker always trendy

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Who doesn’t like checkered pattern? 🙂 In classical soft colors or neon ones. It depends on our preference or sometimes on our mood. This styling shows my preference 🙂 Bright colors on turquoise-blue background is my climate 😀 Such is the coat I’m presenting to you 🙂 It has simple cut because the pattern makes …