Dear Ladies 🙂

I am a fashion blogger and I have
a Personal Shopper Certificate.

On a basis of color analysis and body type
I help my clients to make stylings for various occasions
from business ones to wedding outfits.
As a blogger I cooperate with many Polish fashion designers.
I like to work with clients.
I have aesthetic sense
and I can combine right colors of clothes and accessories.
My advantage is constant progress.
I’m brave and I like to take new challenges.
Fashion and creating my style were always important in my life.

As for blogging, I am the author of fashion blog
named, as you see, Modorota 🙂
It is a blog for brave women
who love colors.
With my stylings I want to show that we, mature women
can play with variety of colors, too
and have uncommon hair.
I want to invite everybody to play with fashion,
not to obey its strict rules but to change it with our style 🙂

It’s for You and also for me
that I decided to show
how colorful and joyful stylings we can have.
Let fashion rules not restrict us.
Go against them.
Our age does not determine what we can wear and what we can’t.
We are conscious of our advantages.

Let us show what is in our souls.
My rule is color and positive madness 😀
I am a crazy cat lover 🙂
In my free time I help animals in need.
I cooperate with many pro animal organizations.
For many years I have been feeding free-living cats
on one of Poznań cemeteries.

I’m also vegan so you will not find natural leather in my stylings.

I invite you, dear Ladies, who want to feel beautiful and original
to play with fashion, nevertheless the age 😀
I’m greeting you cordially 🙂
Dorota – Modorota