Jewelry among mandalas

Hello, my dear ones. 😀
Today I will focus on accessories
which I combined
with the shirt and flared pants. 🙂
Together they make a colorful styling. 🙂

As a fashion stylist I must say
that jewelry presented here
perfectly fits the mandalas pattern. 🙂
The earrings and pendant on silver chain
have the shape of a shell. 🙂
I can almost hear the sound of the see in them. 😀
That’s what our imagination can show us
if we would think of what the creator
of the jewelry wanted to show us. 🙂
The jewelry is made by two sisters
and as they say it’s made in two different styles. 🙂
But I think that the whole collection is consistent
and it shows the beauty of nature and plants. 🙂
The brand I’m showing you
is Crystal Forest Jewelry 🙂

They make jewelry of resin. 🙂
In my shells which I showed you
there is color and shine
of stormy ocean. 🙂
I recommend this beautiful and unique jewelry. 🙂
I’m enchanted with it! 😀

Pink shoes

In my outfit there is also a place for pink shoes. 🙂
They have delicate, spring like color
in the shade of flourishing daisies. 🙂
I have these flowers in my garden
and the shoes resemble just them. 🙂

I hope that you liked the accessories
I presented. 🙂
Thank you for following my blog
and I encourage you to buy shirts
from my collection.

Session took place in the atelier
of Matylda Szafrańska 🙂