Remake of 70s Remake of 70s Remake of 70s Remake of 70s Remake of 70s Remake of 70s

My dear ones, the Age of Aquarius has started. 😀
Though there is still so much evil in the world
everything will change gradually. 🙂
I sincerely believe this. 🙂
Everyone will feel it but at different time. 🙂
We can see the Aquarius Age also in fashion. 🙂
Characteristic is the 70s remake. 😀

The shirt with mandalas print

The shirt I’m showing you
is my newborn fashion brand MODOROTA. 😀
The shirt has mandalas print
that is the sign of harmony and perfection.
The fabric is highest quality satin
made of ecological cotton
that is 100% ecological cotton.
The shirt sewn from colorful patterned fabrics
resembles patchwork.
The colors are very energetic.
Buttons are like gems which colors
suit the print but their shine
is clearly visible on mandalas.
The shirt has V neck.
At back there is brand’s logo. 🙂
The logo is imprinted on ecological leather
in shade of white.
I invite you to buy the shirts
at my blog in the shop tab. 🙂
At the pictures I am together with Irena Frąckiewicz
as a model for my shirts. 🙂

I combined the shirt with very wide
flared jeans.
Jewelry among mandalas
also gives subtle charm.
Together with the shirt they make perfect outfit
that refers to the 70s. 😀

What do you think of that styling?
Do you like the shirts? 😉 😀

Session took place in the atelier
of the photographer Matylda Szafrańska 🙂

The model in the web shop
is Irena Frąckiewicz 🙂