Quirk or excitation?

Today I will tell you about the accessories.
What do you think?
The accessories I show
are a quirk or are they exciting? 😀
Or do you have another feelings
looking at them? 🙂 😉

The hat is in color of fuchsia
matching the shades of blouse and shoes.
It nicely shows the charm of violet.
Gold chain on the hat
makes beautiful contrast with fuchsia.
I like such combinations very much 🙂
And I love head covers
to most of the styling and all the year long 🙂

Cross earrings in color of gold
are a nice addition.
They’re so universal
that you’ll see them at my blog again.

Gold kidney purse
is a great substitute
for a purse with handles.
I don’t have to hold it in hands
all the time.
I can just put it comfortably around my arm 🙂
The purse was designed by Łukasz Czajkowski 🙂


Łukasz makes beautiful purses of all kinds 🙂
They’re vegan of course.
I invite you to his site
and you’ll learn that he also
designs ladies clothes.
His favorite color is black
so his fashion proposals are
in this color 🙂
I recommend this designer to you 😀

In the end a few words about shoes.
They have high but comfortable platforms.
Not only their form is exciting.
Shining violet gives them a little fashion craze 🙂
I have just written about fashion frenzy 😀
The shoes are made of
high quality ecological leather 🙂

My dear ones, I think
that my accessories and outfits alike
are really exciting 😀
And if some people consider them a quirk…
Well, I think they have a problem.
But with themselves not with me 😀

Photos made by Matylda Szafrańska 🙂