Accessories in multicolor Accessories in multicolor

Well matched accessories are just like a good dessert 🙂
Together with a dinner, that is clothes
they make a perfect meal – a styling 🙂
Those culinary parallels are reminiscent of Christmas 🙂
I think that many of us are pretty overfed 😀
Time to think of a diet and fitness 😀
Or just return to everyday routine.
Of course it doesn’t have to be boring.
So I present to you accessories in multi color 😀

Bucket hat calms the colorful outfit down.
And spices it up thanks to the shining material
of which it is made 🙂
Please pay attention to the make up 😀
I must tell you that I wear it every day
regardless if I go out or not.
I feel better then 🙂

The earrings are in blood red
combined with white and silver crystals.
You may fall in love in them 😀
They would look perfect
also in monochromatic styling.
That’s why they’re universal 🙂

Jewelry on my hands has to attract attention, too 😀
I wear rings every day.
They always perfectly match my looks 🙂
And bracelet is just baroque 🙂
Its exquisiteness doesn’t bother me.
On the contrary it gives me energy 😀
On the right sleeve of the coat
from BIG GIRL collection
there is a heart shaped patch made of red crystals
So I’m not lacking red color near my hands 😀
This color of warmth and positive energy
always gives an energetic look to the styling 🙂

The purse is just a multicolored merry-go-round 😀
There is fun, joy and good emotion in it 🙂
And so it should be 😀

At the end I will tell you a few words about shoes.
They are motorcycle shoes
made of good quality
ecological leather.
Very comfortable.
I recommend them to everyone 😀

I’m sending you a multicolored kiss, my dear ones :* 😀
Let us love colors 🙂
Colors make us happy 😀

Photos made by Matylda Szafrańska 🙂