Suit and me

Women’s suits are a great invention
of feminine nature and charm.
The one I’m showing you
is, you can say, timeless 😀
It’s in white with black vertical stripes.
I look very fashionable in it now
but it can serve me for years 🙂
I feel great in this styling.
Elegant and very comfortable
at the same time 🙂
It’s worthy to invest in such a suit
because you will be able to use it
many times for various occasions 🙂
The set of jacket and pants
comes from Big Girl shop 😀
At the site:

you will have 10% off
with MODOROTA password 🙂
I’m inviting you to do the shopping here 😀

Underneath the jacket I put on a black blouse.
It’s form is perfect for my silhouette 🙂
You can ripple it at the waist
looser or tighter.
It perfectly matches the suit 😀

How would you feel in such an outfit?
It’s best to check it at the Big Girl site
and deciding to buy one 🙂
I’m waiting for your photos
in Big Girl stylings 😀

I want to give thanks
to HATTI restaurant

in which I had a tasty vegan dinner
during the session 🙂
I could also change my clothes there then 🙂

Photos in various corners of Poznań
made by Matylda Szafrańska 🙂