Colorful emotions Colorful emotions Colorful emotionsColorful emotions

Colorful styling arises colorful emotions in me 😀
Emotions painted with a brush on my soul.
Do you feel similar in a colorful outfit?

Of course the icing on the cake in my looks
are mostly head covers.
This time it’s a hat 🙂
It perfectly compliments the whole styling 🙂

And the Sweet Muffins jewelry
is a perfect decoration 🙂
Lollipop shaped earrings
that make me want to taste them 😀
Sweets of all sorts
are a trademark of this brand 🙂
A pendant on the chain
is shaped like a silver tray
with a coffee, cake and macaroons.
It probably reflects our dreams
about something sweet for fall weather 🙂
Please, get to know Sweet Muffins brand 🙂

This yummy and colorful jewelry will certainly enchant you 😀

Purses made of sails
by Seashopper brand
you already know from my stylings 🙂
If you try to buy one you will see
with your own eyes
its perfect quality and interesting design 🙂
These are the purses with an ocean breeze
full of love for ship cruises 🙂
I encourage you heartily 🙂

The shoes I’m showing
is a Polish product.
They’re made of a good quality
ecological leather.
I encourage you to support Polish brands 🙂
They’re no worse than the foreign ones.
The quality of materials and manufacturing
are often much better in fact 🙂

Photos in the garden of
Museum of Środa Region Koszuty Palace 🙂

Made by Matylda Szafrańska 🙂