Accessories for suit Accessories for suit Accessories for suit

A suit styling can be shocking and surprising
if you choose right accessories to it 🙂

Black hat with small brim
matches this outfit perfectly.
You know my dear ones
that I don’t wear anything of animal origin.
So the hat contains no wool 🙂
It’s a little masculine in character but…
I soften it with artificial pearls necklace.
This is an obvious feminine accent.
Because who but us, women
should wear pearls? 😀
I knotted them on my neck
to put attention to the earrings.
They are gold colored and with an interesting texture.
Together with sunglasses they make jewelry addition.
Gold appears also in suit buttons.
Cowboy shoes of ecological leather
with interesting pattern
show that the styling is special 🙂

My dear ladies, I love to lose myself in fashion 😀
Go against the tide with my own style 🙂
Of course, I like to know what is fashionable in given season
but the style is timeless 🙂
Remember that, dear ladies.
Every one of us is different and unique.
Let’s listen to our body
and we will find our advantages 🙂
I recommend also stylists’ services 🙂
I can advise you my dear ones if you want 🙂

My basis during the session was HATTI restaurant 🙂

Photos in the streets near Old Market in Poznań
made by Matylda Szafrańska 🙂