Fashion frenzy

My dear ones, this is a styling
that can be described as fashion frenzy 😀
Energetic and edgy
like me 😀 😉

Black strap-skirt is a great idea of the designer
and very innovative garment.
It’s made of mesh fabric 😀
It has big comfortable pockets at sides
made of camouflage pattern fabric.
Tell me yourselves,
isn’t it a timeless piece of clothes?
I think it will become fashion evergreen 😀
The skirt was designed by Paulina Łęcka
from Noza Nova brand 🙂

I met Paulina again
at Fashion Market Square
in Sopot 🙂

There I bought this strap-skirt 🙂
I think it was a good purchase 😀
Black jeans suit the skirt perfectly 🙂
Just as made for each other 😀

Satin blouse has a great form
and extraordinary color 😀
It’s tied at the neck
I place the tie at the side 🙂
Sleeves are monstrously broad 🙂
With them I can shuffle good energy
which emanates from this outfit 😀

My dear ones
I hope you got interested with that look 🙂
Accessories that accompany the fashion frenzy
I will describe soon 🙂

Photos at the streets of Poznań
made by Matylda Szafrańska 🙂