Juicy accessories Juicy accessories Juicy accessories Juicy accessories Juicy accessories

If a juicy look then accessories
must be alike 😀
You can just squeeze from them
the juice of happiness that I savour 😀
A beautiful mineral has got enchanted
in the earrings.
They are oval and the gem is rough.
It glitters delicately with every move.
You already know the works of
the artist jewellery maker from Poznań,
Michał Misterski 🙂
The earrings were made by him 🙂
I invite you to his studio in Poznań
or to the Istagram site:


I love jewellery of Mr Michał 🙂
Do you like it?
My dear ones 🙂
I first met Bertoni brand purses
at Fashion Fair in Poznań 🙂
My heart flopped at this sight <3 🙂
They are sewn from ecological felt
with interesting print 🙂
The purse I chose
has orange in its print.
It’s has very interesting colors.
What’s more it’s very light and spacious.
Bertoni makes also other accessories
from felt and linen
for example phone cases, organizers
and backpacks 🙂
Go for shopping at the site 🙂


you will certainly find interesting purses 😀
I sincerely recommend it 😀
Ecology is not only fashion
but also lifestyle.
You don’t have to use leather
to get a fashionable and interesting purse 🙂
My dear ones, shoes for me are above all
comfort, interesting design and color.
All these I found in silver boots 🙂
What do you feel looking at
my choice of accessories?
I feel excellent in them 😀
I never choose accessories chaotically.
All of them must be coherent
and speak unanimously for the whole outfit 🙂

Photos in modern
Posnania Shopping Mall
made by Monika Łuczak 🙂
Help with session
Alla Kubitsa 🙂

I’m floating in the sea of juicy colors.
They are flowing down my body with colorful drops.
Their delicate touch
reaches my heart.
I’m observing their dance
at the sunset.
At dawn they wake me up
sneaking under my eyelids.
I will always be Your fan.
I am worshipper of tolerance and beauty.
I am not enchanted fairy of love idea.
Whom would I be
if I didn’t know Your beauty?
I feel happy.
Fulfilled dreams became reality.
I hope to dream again the dreams
that become real spring
from which I will drink drop by drop.
And my thirst will never be quenched.
Because what will be life without dreams?