Let’s combine styles!

Let’s combine styles! Let’s combine styles!

My dear Ladies 🙂
I want to show you
how to combine styles in fashion.
Maxi skirt and sports sweater 🙂
I think they suit each other very well 🙂
Long skirt with print
that reminds me twisted reflection
in turquoise water.
Like our deeds
that sometimes get smudged
in dulness of life.
The skirt is very comfortable.
It has a broad rubber band
at the waistline.
To it I chose a sports sweater
from the collection of one of leading brands.
I decorated the styling with interesting accessories
of which I will tell you in the next entry 🙂
At one of the photos
I am together with very kind Mrs Irenka
who works in Posnania Mall 🙂
I promised Mrs Irenka
that I will put the photo at the blog 😀

Photos in Posnania Shopping Mall
made by Monika Łuczak 🙂
Help with session
Alla Kubitsa 🙂

When I get onto a train
I don’t buy a return ticket.
I don’t know which part of the globe
I would stay and for how long.
I want to please my eyes and soul
with miracles of the world.
I don’t count the days and hours.
I’m present and absent to the world.
I stop in the time.
I unite with Earth.
We breathe in the same rhythm
and I don’t know when I get back.
The world is my home.
The visible and invisible one.
I don’t have reception here
and I feel perfect.
In what I see and what I feel.
Gather your strength and go with me.
I’m waiting…