A look juicy as an orange A look juicy as an orange A look juicy as an orange A look juicy as an orange A look juicy as an orange

In this look I feel as a juicy orange 😀
I went into just that color.
Maxi skirt has very interesting print.
There are colors of blue, neon yellow, cornflower…
I cannot list them all 😀
But there is also orange among them.
It gives energy to all the colors,
it’s so warm and joyful 🙂
The whole skirt emanates with positive vibrations 🙂
It’s perfectly cut and sewn,
as especially for my shape.
I just love it! 😀
I decided that hooded sweatshirt
also in orange
would match it perfectly.
I like the combination of skirt and sweatshirt very much 🙂
I think that a sweatshirt looks good not only with pants.
With a skirt it’s much more interesting and unique 🙂
The whole presented outfit is so juicy 😀
And what do you associate it with?
What do you feel looking at it?

Photos in Posnania Shopping Mall 🙂
made by Monika Łuczak 🙂
Help with session Alla Kubitsa 🙂

I just don’t know if I still believe in a human.
How much aggression hides in alleys
of fake kind-heartedness.
Wrath and fury are remedy
for solving all the problems.
I don’t want to feel.
I don’t want to see.
I flee from lying eyes.
There is no heart.
No safe places of peace.
Only this whiz of a cry drills into my soul.
I am lost among the living
and forgotten.
Found among the dead
Forever damned.