Hat love Hat love

My feeling towards head covers,
is just a hat love. 😀
The hat which is an important element of this styling
refers to the jacket with its color. 🙂
The sand color of the hat
together with bright hair,
makes a contrast that attracts attention. 🙂
Chunky chain in gold color around the brim
makes a spectacular effect. 🙂
The hat is fully vegan of course
because it doesn’t contain any wool. 🙂
I encourage you, dear hat makers
to make hats and other accessories in vege style. 🙂
Fashion without animal derived products has many followers
among whom I am myself. 😀

Earrings with long black tassels for lace and sequins?

Earrings with long black tassels
perfectly fit the lace cardigan and sequin top. 🙂
They’re quite massive in look but very lightweight.
I love them for it. 😀
You may ask : why?
Because I always look for clothes and accessories
that are comfortable and impressive at the same time. 🙂

White boots with shiny decoration

White boots with a gold chain
appear again at my blog.
These distinctive shoes gives me comfort for everyday
and show my respect for nature
because they are made of ecological leather.
Its color suits many outfits.
Boots with gold chain are trendy
and they complete many of my stylings.
Shining gold chain is a great additive
not only for boots but also for sandals or slippers.
Do you have shoes with a chain? If not,
I recommend to buy some. 🙂
With every step I hear a delicate cling of the links
which makes me feel happy
and my steps bolder and more energetic. 😀
Soon I will tell you about a new styling
so visit me frequently. 🙂
I’m greeting you, my dear ones! 🙂

Photos made by Matylda Szafrańska

The background of the photos is beautiful
Jasmine Palace in Batorowo near Poznań 🙂

In session helped a good friend
Marcin Raczkowski 🙂