Nude denim

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I will begin with a question. 🙂 Do you always associate denim with blue color? Perhaps you would say yes. But must it always be like that? In my opinion not. Denim is a wonderful and very popular fabric. You can create very interesting stylings with it. This time I want to present you denim …

Hat love

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My feeling towards head covers, is just a hat love. 😀 The hat which is an important element of this styling refers to the jacket with its color. 🙂 The sand color of the hat together with bright hair, makes a contrast that attracts attention. 🙂 Chunky chain in gold color around the brim makes …

Outfit with lace and sequin

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My dear ones 🙂 Outfit with lace and sequin combined with a comfortable jacket is a well thought set. I like sequins very much. 🙂 I wear them for everyday stylings to which they add unique look. 🙂 You can mix a sequin top in many ways. In my outfit I combined it with black …