Nude denim Nude denim Nude denim

I will begin with a question. 🙂
Do you always associate denim with blue color?
Perhaps you would say yes.
But must it always be like that?
In my opinion not.
Denim is a wonderful and very popular fabric.
You can create very interesting stylings with it.
This time I want to present you denim in color nude.
Jacket in such color makes the outfit. 🙂
It’s an oversize one.
To break its traditional look
I decided to button it unevenly.
Now the jacket gets an interesting look. 🙂
I rolled up the sleeves to show the wrists
what accentuates casual character of the outfit
nevertheless its big size.
Perfect complement to the look are energetic nude accessories
which I describe in separate entry.
A belt with gold buckle made of ecological leather
accentuates the waist.
I think that jacket worn in this way becomes very interesting.

Laminated pants in color of cocoa

I combined the jacket with sports pants
but in non sportive look.
The pants are laminated
what makes them shiny. 🙂
Its color resembles hot cocoa to me. 🙂
Or coffee with plant milk. 😀
The whole styling is in one color range
but I think it’s not boring. 🙂
I feel comfortable and very nice in it. 🙂

Accessories I chose to this outfit
will have their place in next entry. 🙂

Photos in Jasmine Palace in Batorowo near Poznań

made by Matylda Szafrańska 🙂

Help in session Marcin Raczkowski 🙂