Decorating myself with accessories Decorating myself with accessories Decorating myself with accessories Decorating myself with accessories

When I decorate myself with accessories
I feel as I was drinking
good coffee in the morning.
It’s so pleasant that I cannot imagine
any morning without it.
The same is with accessories 🙂
There is no option
that the styling could exist
without them.
Headgears are not only
protecting us from cold
in the winter.
All the caps, berets, etc.
do a lot of good to every styling.
I chose a white flatcap.
This color is suitable not only
for summer outfits.
You can make perfect stylings
based on white
or use it to complement it.
I feel wonderful in that cap 🙂
Also cowboy shoes
are in the same color.
They are made of ecological leather.
I recommend shoes made of various eco materials.
Now you have a great variety of them.
Vegan shoes are becoming a hit
and I like it very much 🙂
My purse is also typically vegan
made by Polish designers.
It’s Exact Studio brand 🙂

I recommend this brand not only for vegans.
I think that wearing natural leather purses
is totally faux pas now.
Don’t do this dear Ladies!
There are many wonderful purses
of good quality,
to make which you don’t have
to kill any animals.
I didn’t forget about earrings
in that styling either.
They are metal crosses in color of gold.
All the jewellery in this shape
is on top now.
I have a question to you 🙂
What kind of headgear
do you wear in the winter?
Do you wear any at all?
Oh, I’m so curious of your answers 🙂

Photos in Green Hotel
were made by Monika Łuczak 🙂

There are no good life enhancers.
But there are bitter tears.
There are false feelings.
Sense of beauty
is not always true to ideas.
And so discord arises.
You are selective being.
You can’t feel poetry.
A cry is also poetry of emotions.
Of impotence.
will remain among verses.
I will be no more.
No more Dorota – Modorota.
And the sound will remain the same.