Kimono is a hit Kimono is a hit Kimono is a hit

Kimono is undoubtedly a hit,
my Ladies 🙂
I’m showing you an icredible,
turquoise one.
The kimono was made
by Polish deigner,
Marzena Ratowska 🙂
Marzena is a founder and owner
of „Odzieżowe Pole” brand.

This is the brand that uses natural fabrics
and classic forms.
You can order every fashion project
of Odzieżowe Pole
and it will be sewn especially
for your shape, dear Ladies 🙂
Kimono that I chose
captivates me with bright color.
I love its wide sleeves,
and broad waist
makes me look slender 😉
The fabric delicately wraps my body 🙂
Such a type of garment
can be used for many occasions.
Everything depends on shoes
and accessories
we choose for the styling 🙂
I think that the accessories
and shoes in my styling
are very interesting.
Also because of the place
where I bought them.
Of course, I will dedicate
a separate entry to them 🙂
Do you already have a kimono
in your wardrobe, dear Ladies?
If not, I encourage you
to get yourselves one 🙂
It’s best to order it
from Polish designer.
I recommend „Odzieżowe Pole” 🙂
You will get fabrics
of very good quality
and decent workmanship.
And above all,
the thing I always tell you:
let’s support Polish market
and Polish designers 🙂
Kimono is a must have
in our fashion collection, dear Ladies 🙂
Mine I would wear every day
changing only shoes and accessories 🙂
You will see, my dear Ladies,
that wearng such a garment
you will attract much positive attention 🙂
And you will feel like
a modern Polish geisha 😀 😉

Photos on location
made by Monika Łuczak 🙂
Monika is a design student
in Łódź.
Photography is her passion 😀
I recommend this young
but very talented woman.
If you want a photo session,
then only with Monika 🙂
I’ll tell you that it was very nice
to work with her.
Above all,
Monika feels fashion
and she can capture the moment
when the styling looks best 🙂

When you love, then love with all your heart
Don’t split love to small parts
Don’t leave it in a hard moments.
How much good can be born in us
When we don’t use any love manual.
Don’t hush the wind of our desires.
They give us power to survive.
Metamorphosis of our deeds
Hasn’t won a medal in the eyes of universe.
Therefore I prefer to change the world and myself.
I take advantage of ancient knowledge.
And I will be happy.
I will be fulfilled.
My task has come to an end.
I will reside on the throne of
obviousness and beauty.
I invite you there.
Remember, it will be me, Dorota -Modorota.