Red and black Red and black Red and black Red and black Red and black Red and black Red and black Red and black Red and black Red and black Red and black

Red and black
match each other beautifully.
One color makes another more vivid.
And when we combine them
with silver
we will get a perfect trio 😀
Hats always have to be
carefully matched
with the whole styling.
All checked prints
are very fashionable now.
And the hat I’m presenting you
is just a miracle 🙂
With small rim,
decorated with black veil.
How do you like such a head dress?
I am enchanted with it 😀
The earrings are crosses
made from crystals 🙂
They shine nicely with every movement.
To the dress designed by
Dominika Młyńczak

I took a kidney purse.
It’s black, studded with crystals.
It has inreresting chains.
I hold it in hand by the belt.
It’s just incredible 😀
The boots I wear
I bought very cheap 🙂
They are decorated
with strips and buckles
and fastened on the side with zipper.
They’re made of ecological leather of course.
Very comfortable 🙂
I wanted to show the long dress
simple in its form
in unusual way 🙂
I think that the accessories
added some spice
to the whole styling 🙂
What do you think about such accessories?

The photos were taken
in the surroundings of Green Hotel
in Komorniki 🙂
by Monika Łuczak 🙂

I’m riding on a swing of life.
Once I’m up and I grab for heaven
and other time I touch the ground
with my feet.
But I’m still upon the swing.
We cannot be stopped.
It’s not our choice.
Such are the laws of physics.
And even if you wanted
to touch the clouds all the time
you cannot.
You will not be able to avoid a mistake.
You’re not a robot.
You were made in the image of God,
but still imperfect.
That’s why I took my mistakes.
To learn my future life from it.
But will I use it?
I’m fallible woman
but my choice is deliberate.
It’s simple.
My name is Dorota – Modorota.
I’m not always perfect.