Christmas in silver and dark blue Christmas in silver and dark blue Christmas in silver and dark blue

Not long time ago I was showing you
a festive dress by MADAME 🙂
Today MADAME also plays main role in my outfit 🙂
Here you can see beautiful blouse
in dark blue and silver 🙂
When you look at it attentively
you can see on it a circle with zodiac symbols 🙂
Maybe you will make some prediction looking at it? 😀
I did and I can tell you
that a lot of fun is awaiting us
not only at Christmas
but during the whole New Year 😀
I invite you to do shopping at MADAME site:

5% off is waiting there for you
with MODOROTA password 😀
Feel free to use it! 😀

I combined the blouse with a broad skirt
in shades of blue and white 🙂
Look how nicely it shapes 🙂
I like this type of skirts the most.
It accentuates the waist
thanks to the broad rubber band.

I think that such a look is perfect
not only for Christmas party
but also for New Year’s Eve at home party 🙂
Do you agree? 😀

The next entry will be dedicated to accessories 🙂

Photos were made in the place
I will surely revisit 🙂
It’s Cezar Hotel in Koszuty near Poznań 🙂

Photos made by Matylda Szafrańska 🙂