In silver and in a tiara In silver and in a tiara In silver and in a tiara In silver and in a tiara

Christmas and New Year time
is often connected with bling and shine 🙂
This appears also in my outfit 🙂

Crystal tiara
is a timeless head decoration 🙂
I must tell you that it’s
almost 13 years old 😀
I was wearing it at my wedding 😀
And it still fits many stylings 🙂

I want you to pay special attention to earrings
made with soutache technique.
They are also silver and dark blue.
White and silver crystals add charm to it 🙂
The tassels are quite long
but I like it.
You must have noticed
that I don’t like miniature and minimalist jewelry 😀
Such interesting earrings were made by
the designer Alicja Jantas
Sutasz AlaArt brand 🙂

Ala’s jewelry you can find on fb:

and on Instagram:

In her works you can see
great talent and affection 🙂
I congratulate you Alicja
on such beautiful jewelry 😀

As for the purse
I chose a silver kidney purse to this look 🙂
It accentuates the waist
and it’s comfortable.
I recommend such purses to everyone 🙂

On my feet you see sequin jazz shoes 🙂
They look like Cinderella’s shoes 😀
They shine with every step 🙂
Flat sole doesn’t make them
less elegant and refined
Such wonders are made by
Eliza Flis
from A Little Glamour brand 🙂

I think I don’t have to tell that they’re vegan 🙂
There are many such shoes in Eliza’s collection 🙂
I like her shoes for their charm and comfort 🙂
Please get to know her collection 😀
You will see that they’re worth buying 🙂

My dear ones, that is the whole description
of the Christmas styling.
This time I was telling you about accessories 🙂
I’m sending you my greetings 😀

Photos made by Matylda Szafrańska 🙂

Photos made in
Cezar Hotel in Koszuty near Poznań 🙂