Accessories decorating colorful Madonnas Accessories decorating colorful Madonnas Accessories decorating colorful Madonnas Accessories decorating colorful Madonnas Accessories decorating colorful Madonnas

I showed you colorful Madonnas in main role 🙂
Now I will tell you about accessories that decorate them 🙂
It is a very colorful styling on the whole
that’s why I like it 🙂
Fascinators, my weakness 😀
I just love them 😀
My head is decorated with one of those
made of sinamay, that is banana fibers 🙂
It suits my colorful hair
filling the whole styling with positive energy 🙂
Such beautiful fascinators
can be made only by Ewa Okularczyk –
– YOKO design brand 🙂

I strongly recommend Ewa’s
head decorations 🙂

By accident I found very ‘yummy’ jewelry
made surely by someone who loves to cook and eat 🙂
And that’s true 😀
Karolina is artistically and manually talented 🙂
She makes earrings and pendants
in the shape of cupcakes, fruits
and many other foods 🙂
To my outfit I chose earrings 🙂
In one ear I have a mini bottle of beer of widely known brand
in the other – a beer mug 😀
Those earrings enchanted me 🙂
And what do you think of them? 🙂
I’m inviting you to Karolina’s site:

Something delicious is waiting for you there:
10% off with MODOROTA code 🙂
Not only beer lovers can use it 😀

Now a few words about the necklace
It was made by a woman of unique sensitivity
and love for animals
especially for cats 🙂
It’s Małgosia Muchowska 🙂
Małgosia makes jewelry and the money she earns
she gives to animals in need 🙂
That’s why I encourage you
to support Małgosia’s idea 🙂
When you buy jewelry from her
you also help animals at the same time
You can also order personalized jewelry from her 🙂
You can find Małgosia’s works on Facebook

and on Instagram

I named my necklace „Flowers enclosed in a tear” 🙂
Of course in a tear of happiness 🙂
Thank you for this miracle, Małgosia 🙂
I’m wearing the necklace with pride 🙂
Please, buy the jewelry and help our animal friends 🙂

You already know recycled purses
made of sails 🙂
It’s Seashopper brand of course 🙂
I chose orange one with green vegan handle.
It’s perfect for that look 🙂
I must tell you that every purse
is signed with a stamp which shows
longitude and latitude in which the sail
of which the purse is made was mostly used 🙂
I invite you to do shopping at the site:

Follow my blog and social media
because from time to time
you will find there info
about 20% discount for those purses:
With MODOROTA password 🙂

For me it is obvious
that shoes must be comfortable 🙂
To the Madonnas styling
I chose black shoes on stable heel and thick sole.
Believe me that despite the high heels
you feel very comfortable in them 🙂

I’m very happy that you often write comments
about my stylings in social media 🙂
Thank you 😀
That’s all for today, my dear ones 🙂

I’m grateful to Matylda Szafrańska for the photos

Beautiful garden is
Museum of Środa Region Koszuty Palace