Denim and winged cat Denim and winged cat Denim and winged cat Denim and winged cat

My dear ones 🙂
I want to show you
a new and interesting, I think, styling 😉 😀
A denim jacket
has got transformed
into a piece of art 😀
This happened thanks to
enormously talented artist –
Sebastian Sagan 🙂
Sebastian paints real wonders
on jackets, shirts and other clothes
with his hand 🙂
Every garment painted by him
shows the character of the person
for whom it is made.
You can send him your clothes
to get a painted picture chosen by you
or just use his own imagination 🙂
You can see the works by Sebastian on Instagram:

It’s good to have your own
unique favorite jacket by that artist 🙂
I wanted a cat with wings
painted on mine 🙂
From love to cats of course 😀
I think cats are animal angels
that’s why the wings 🙂
I gave such idea to Sebastian
and he made a real bestseller for me 🙂
He also added interesting texts on it
and accentuated my veganism 🙂
Thank you, Sebastian 🙂

The color of my jacket
perfectly suits the shirt and pants.
The shirt has fantasy print
in my favorite colors 🙂
It’s tied at the neck
what I like very much 🙂
Only I tie such shirts at the side.
I look much better then 🙂

Pants in energetic color
give a twist to the outfit 🙂
For me it’s never too much colors in a look.
Of course they must be well matched 🙂

You must have noticed beautiful surrounding
that gives background to my stylings 🙂
You are right – this place is unique.
Not only because of its charm,
but also for the people that work there.
They make us appreciate the place even more 🙂
Now I will reveal to you
that it’s Museum of Środa Region,
the Palace of Koszuty 🙂

I will be telling you about it many times 🙂

About very interesting accessories
I will tell you in my next story
about the winged cat styling 🙂
I’m greeting you all cordially 🙂

Photos in the Koszuty Palace

made by Matylda Szafrańska 🙂