Elegant comfort Elegant comfort Elegant comfort

Today, my dear ones, a few words about elegant comfort
made by a loose summer dress 🙂
It is A shaped
so it suits my figure well 🙂
At the back it has a V neck with a bow 🙂
Its fair color is perfect for summer heat 🙂
The dress was designed and made by
MADAME brand 🙂
Remember that at the site


you have 5% off for the brand’s collection
with MODOROTA password 🙂
Elegant styling, as all stylings,
must be comfortable.
The dress is just so 🙂
I feel very well in it 🙂
It flows down my figure delicately
Its design and the fabric make it breathable 🙂
This look fits perfectly in the surrounding
of Środa Region Musem, Koszuty Palace 🙂


In this outfit I feel as one of the guests
in the palace 😀
Its rooms are original and harmonious 🙂
That is this interesting Museum 🙂
It’s good to visit it and feel a little different, unusual.
At the same time the atmosphere
in the palace is very friendly
thanks to the people that work there 🙂

Accessories give some climate to the whole
but you will read about them next time 🙂

Photos made by Matylda Szafrańska

You run into the unknown known.
You believe that your destiny is waiting.
Want to make it happiness and faith.
Or maybe also joy?
Flawless means perfect.
Perfection is the arms to non-fight for faith.
What you dream of may come true.
But it must be separated from chaos.
Only silence and the music of air can help.
Calm down your thoughts,
need for normality will give you trust.
It will come. Trust yourself.
Two must be two.
Not one and not zero.
No more compulsion,
stability of body and soul.
The one who knows truth will survive forever.
And this is the end.
Surrender to your intuition but not to your thoughts.