Accessories among may bugs :D Accessories among may bugs :D Accessories among may bugs :D Accessories among may bugs :D Accessories among may bugs :D Accessories among may bugs :D Accessories among may bugs :D

Accessories I chose to that styling,
made friends with may bugs
swarming in the greenness of De La Fotta coat 😀
They perfectly accentuate the charm of the whole outfit.
Transparent red eyeshade
on my green hair
is clearly visible
thanks to the color contrast 🙂
I love such eyeshades
and I must buy more of them
in other colors
and made of different materials 😀 😉
The band of the shade is quite long
and it hangs loose on my hair.
I put a small star with crystals to it.
It is another good idea
to make the styling more interesting 🙂
Long earrings with chains
and pendants
you have already seen many times.
They’re so interesting
and fit so many stylings.
You will certainly see them again 😉
I love sunglasses,
and the mirror ones are my favorite 🙂
The light reflecting in them
is a real miracle 🙂
I’m recommending the mirror glasses
to all of you, my dear ones 🙂
Only you must choose the ones
hat fit your face oval.
The purse is yellow
coming from the manufacture
of talent and ingenuity
of Ania Przybyła 🙂
Ania has created Dzierganka brand

The purse is not big
but very carefully made.
You can carry it in your hand
or hang it on your arm
thanks to the detachable chain.
In reality it looks still better 😀
My dear ones, Ania’s purses
are a must have
of every fashion loving woman 😀
They are ingenuous
because they’re made of yarn.
You can wash them by hand
and they are really
very trendy 🙂
I’m recommending them strongly 😀

Ania’s website:


And on Instagram:

There you can see the collection
and make an order 😀
As for shoes,
they are made of high quality material.
Though you may not believe,
feet don’t sweat in them.
The shoes have open toes
that gives additional comfort.
Please write
what do you think
about that styling
and accessories.
Would you choose similar ones
or maybe you have another, totally different idea
in choice of accessories? 🙂
The photos were made of course
among the green of Fiedler Museum

I love that place,
and I like and respect Fiedler family
very much 🙂
Come here to see this extraordinary place 🙂
If you come here once
you will be returning for sure 🙂

Photos were taken in Fiedler Museum
by Grzegorz Łabenda.
Help with session:
Magdalena Nowicka 🙂

I am daring the world.
But is it safe?
I don’t like fighting,
but I’m forging my sword and armour.
In my garden
there’s no place for fight.
The flowers of love and peace are blooming.
Birds found shelter among the bushes
and insects feed on fruits of no treasure.
I stumble over a rock on the path.
Where did it come from?
The place was empty before.
The rock grew to become a protective wall.
Because of war, still war.
I don’t fight.
I want peace.
And people run blind.
Creatures fall.
This is not the end.
I grab the hilt of the sword.
The sword becomes the ray of sun.
Take care of your garden
flowers of love and peace will grow in it…
Be yourself. Be a human.
I am a clear tear from heaven.
It’s me Dorota – Modorota