May bugs on a green… coat :D May bugs on a green… coat :D May bugs on a green… coat :D May bugs on a green… coat :D

My dear ones 🙂
What overcoats do you wear now,
in the summer? 🙂
Jackets, coats or cardigans?
I’m very curious about it 😀
I chose a crazy coat
with a print of colorful may bugs
which swarm on a green background 🙂
They look so realistic
that I would like to greet them
in greenness of my lawn 😀
So positively colorful coat
is a proposal of
two designers,
wonderful women,
Mother and Daughter 😀
They have created
incredible and unimitable brand
De La Fotta 😀

To make their garments,
such as the coat I’m showing you,
they don’t use furs or leather 🙂
The fabrics are ecological,
made without abusing anyone
in the production process 🙂
I invite you, dear vegans,
to dress yourself
in ecology proved clothes 🙂
And I invite every woman
for whom well being of
animals and people
is important
in every aspect of life,
including fashion.
The fashion should above all
show the beauty.
But the most important for me
is production of clothes
and choice of fabrics
that conform with
environment protection rules.
De La Fotta brand
respects them 😀
It makes one size garments,
very colorful 🙂
Women of every size can find
something for themselves
at those brave designers 🙂
Colorful and unique
patterns on fabrics
is the characteristic feature
of De La Fotta Brand 😀
To the coat
I chose white T-shirt
with sequin logo,
which colors
match the coat print 🙂
Straight red pants
also suit the whole styling
very well 🙂
As I told you before.
My dear ones,
the session took place
in Arkady Fiedler Museum.

There I admired not only
the beautiful garden
and sculptures scattered in it.
In museum rooms
there are many unique souvenirs
of Arkady Fiedler 🙂
They give it mysterious aura
of exotic journeys
of this interesting man 🙂
Not a long time ago
there was a movie made
on the basis of Mr Arkady’s book,
„Dywizjon 303”.
It tells the story of Polish airmen
fighting for Great Britain
during World War II.
On one of the photos
you can see the poster
advertising this movie 🙂
The animals in Fiedlers family
have always had a safe shelter 🙂
Dear joyful dogs and cats
walk among the museum guests 🙂
They are its additional advantage.
I have made me a photo
with one of the dogs 🙂
He’s very nice
and he liked to catch a small ball
thrown to him by me 😀
My dear ones 🙂
The styling I showed you
I decorated with accessories
which add more charm
especially to the coat 🙂
Of course they will find their place
in the next entry 🙂
I’m inviting you, my dear,
to follow my blog
and soon you will be able to read
about super accessories 🙂
Without them the may bugs styling
wouldn’t exist.
The accessories add beauty
also to other outfits 🙂
That’s why I am always inviting you
to watch the gadgets for every styling 🙂

Photos were taken in Fiedler Museum
by Grzegorz Łabenda.
Help with session:
Magdalena Nowicka 🙂

To love colors
isn’t enough.
To paint words with them
and real things
makes sense in illustrating our life.
Let’s paint words with them
let’s color our deeds.
Let them bring joy
and move
our lost hearts.
Are you already coloring?
Can you feel it?
Everything earns sense
and humility to coexist.
I want to make my hair flow
in the blue sky.
Let it give me consolation
but not forgetting
of annihilation of passive beings.
My humble wish is humility.
I’m in the heat of emotions.
I’m through the construction
of my world.
With my impotence I will pierce the armour of hate
and I will fight it with love.
I will be my own protector.
It’s me Dorota – Modorota