Flowers immersed in black Flowers immersed in black Flowers immersed in black Flowers immersed in black

Summer beauty of flowers
has been immersed in black 🙂
With such a sentence
you can describe a dress
that comes from the collection
of a Polish designer from Wrocław,
Dominika Młyńczak 🙂
Unusual dresses
and many interesting fashion proposals
of Dominika you can can find at:


The dress in which I walk among the trees
of Fiedler Museum

is very feminine.
I feel like it was sewn
especially for me 😉
It’s romanticism, the feeling of beauty
and unusual art of fashion design
put into this model
by the designer.
What’s very important for me
and surprising in positive sense
is Domimika’s idea
not to put a label onto the dress.
I am sure that more than once
you were cutting such labels off a dress
because they often irritate the skin.
Dominika has come to an excellent idea 😀
She puts an elegant label
with her name
onto the outer side of garments,
at the top of the back side 🙂
Isn’t it a positively surprising idea?
Additionally, thanks to this label
I can show everyone
that it is Dominika’s dress 🙂
It’s very light,
made of such kind of fabric
that enables air to flow through it
even on hottest days.
It’s an ideal summer styling 🙂
Interesting accessories
are made also by Polish designers 😀
Together with the dress
they make an excellent fashion proposal 🙂
Wait patiently, my dear ones 😀 😉
In next entry
I will describe those accessories to you 🙂

Photos taken in Fiedler Museum
by Grzegorz Łabenda.
Help with session:
Magdalena Nowicka 🙂

Feeling the beauty
you can feel also purity of your psyche.
They can’t be divided.
Love, is it true
or just a cliche?
I don’t burden my soul with questions.
It knows.
Are you looking for an answer
in the bushes of your mind?
Feel what is good
and don’t be afraid of it.
Truth can hurt you
but it makes you free.
I want to feel joy
but the world dosn’t want perfection.
Comfort indicates the others’ deeds.
But it can turn into perfection.
Desire, don’t turn away your eyes, love.
I will always love
because I’m myself.
I exchanged my ego into another
But I’m still the same.
Because I’m everyday life.
It’s me Dorota – Modorota.