Accessories not only for summer

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My dear ones 🙂 Summer is the time when we can show accessories best. They are more visible than under a winter coat. Sunglasses can be worn for the whole year long, of course. And the earrings? I love to wear them every day 🙂 For the styling with top and skirt by MADAME brand …

Accessories to colorful checker

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Colorful checker of the coat is cool 🙂 Accessories to it are equally nice 🙂 I will tell you about the earrings which are ‘yummy’ and colorful 🙂 Delicious little cupcakes 🙂 Their color perfectly matches the checker and the whole styling. Together with doughnut ring they make tasty jewelry 🙂 This unique jewelry was …

Denim and winged cat

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My dear ones 🙂 I want to show you a new and interesting, I think, styling 😉 😀 A denim jacket has got transformed into a piece of art 😀 This happened thanks to enormously talented artist – Sebastian Sagan 🙂 Sebastian paints real wonders on jackets, shirts and other clothes with his hand 🙂 …