Accessories to colorful checker Accessories to colorful checker Accessories to colorful checker Accessories to colorful checker Accessories to colorful checkerAccessories to colorful checker

Colorful checker of the coat is cool 🙂
Accessories to it are equally nice 🙂

I will tell you about the earrings
which are ‘yummy’ and colorful 🙂
Delicious little cupcakes 🙂
Their color perfectly matches
the checker and the whole styling.
Together with doughnut ring
they make tasty jewelry 🙂
This unique jewelry
was made by Karolina Łuczak
from Sweet Muffins brand 🙂
I invite you to do shopping
at Karolina’s site

For you with 10% off
with MODOROTA password 🙂

Blue purse with neon green belt
made of rope
of Paulina Barałkiewicz
which you already know 🙂

Her purses are made of sails
and every one of them has
a special stamp which gives
geographical data of the place
in which the sail was mostly used 🙂
Interesting, isn’t it? 🙂
I’m inviting you to buy such a purse 🙂
They’re very durable and just beautiful 😀
You can hear the ocean wind in them 🙂
Who doesn’t want to travel to sea
having such a unique purse ? 😀
There’s 20% off for you
until 20 July
with MODOROTA password 🙂
So, go shopping 😀

Pink sneakers mean comfort 🙂
Their color is one of my favorites 😀
I encourage you to wear such shoes.
I love them and you? 🙂

You must have noticed glowing elements in my makeup 🙂
I love to put shining crystals to my face 🙂
You can wear such decorations for many occasions
and also without any occasion 😀
It’s nice to play with fashion and makeup 🙂
I am just like a child who always finds new plays 🙂
I try to find interesting new things
in fashion and makeup 🙂
I encourage you to be like children
and not be afraid to experiment with your style 🙂

Photos made by Matylda Szafrańska 🙂

The place the session was made
is charming Museum of Środa Region
Koszuty Palace 🙂