Romantic accessories

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Accessories with romantic character perfectly fit the boho styling 🙂 They are like notes on a staff. They compliment each other and harmonize together 🙂 Minimalist hair band on my hair looks like a jewel 😀 Its powder pink makes contrast to the bright colors of my hair. I must add that shades of pink …

Wrapped with a cardigan

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In my outfit I am wrapping myself with a cardigan in fall style 🙂 Warm powder pink and tassels make it look boho. Nonchalantly thrown on top it gives a little vintage and a little hippie hint to the look 🙂 Hippie as the look of my youth has always remained in my heart 🙂 …

Colorful fall

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Colorful fall and full palette of colors come to my mind when I think of my styling. The pants with plenty of prints and colors are complimenting other parts of clothing. But everything is in the similar tone. The rosettes on the cardigan and the T shirt in delicate violet are showing the charm of …