Colorful fall
Colorful fall

Colorful fall and full palette of colors
come to my mind when I think of my styling.
The pants with plenty of prints and colors
are complimenting other parts of clothing.
But everything is in the similar tone.
The rosettes on the cardigan
and the T shirt in delicate violet
are showing the charm of golden fall 🙂
Every season of the year is different
but none is sad.
Every one of them has its beauty.
Let’s make it visible also in our clothes.
Let’s play with styles, lets get crazy 😀
Let us always listen to our hearts
in what we should look like.
The eye shows us only this
what we see with our heart.
The heart is the source of our thoughts.
Also these ones which decide on our look 🙂
Let us love ourselves,
regardless of shapes or kilograms.
This can be changed easily
but you cannot replace your heart with another one <3 🙂

Photos taken in Sheraton Hotel Poznań
by Joanna Rozmiarek.
Help with session: Alla Kubitsa,
Photo editor: Ula 🙂