Romantic accessories Romantic accessories Romantic accessories

Accessories with romantic character
perfectly fit the boho styling 🙂
They are like notes on a staff.
They compliment each other
and harmonize together 🙂

Minimalist hair band
on my hair looks like a jewel 😀
Its powder pink makes contrast
to the bright colors of my hair.
I must add that shades of pink
intertwine in this outfit 🙂
The band was made by designer and milliner
Ewcia Okularczyk – YOKO Design brand 🙂
Look at Ewunia’s designs
at her site 🙂

You will certainly feel, my Ladies,
that her decorations are very feminine
and suitable for every occasion 😀

The earrings, hand made
from delicate beads
are masterpiece of delicacy
and creativity 🙂
They are woven like a lace 😀
Such wonders you can buy
at Odzieżowe Pole 🙂
This is a brand of the designer
Marzena Ratowska 🙂
At the site:

you can find there also beautiful clothes
made of natural fabrics 🙂
I invite you to visit it 😀

The circle shaped purse
is knitted by hand and unique 🙂
I think that hand made purses
are always precious accessories 🙂
It was precisely and patiently made
by Ania Przybyła 🙂
You can find Ania’s works on fb:

and on Instagram:

The persons who like hand made
artistic accessories
will certainly visit Ania
to order something just for them 🙂

I finish the description of romantic accessories
with a romantic statement 🙂
I love everything that is unique
and unrepeatable 🙂
Like the accessories I showed you 😀

Photos in delicious HATTI restaurant 🙂

made by Matylda Szafrańska