Wrapped with a cardigan Wrapped with a cardigan

In my outfit I am wrapping myself with a cardigan
in fall style 🙂
Warm powder pink and tassels
make it look boho.
Nonchalantly thrown on top
it gives a little vintage and a little hippie hint
to the look 🙂
Hippie as the look of my youth
has always remained in my heart 🙂

The white dress under the cardigan
is a masterpiece of delicacy
and girlishness 🙂
Lace insertions give it romanticism and finesse 🙂
I could walk in it barefoot on the meadows
or march through the streets of Montmartre.
The dress would be beautiful additive to art
created by French artists 🙂
The dress comes from Big Girl shop 😀
You can find very feminine clothes there
not only in small sizes 🙂
If you have problems to find
nice fashion pieces in bigger sizes
then I invite you to this site:


You will find 10% off there
with MODOROTA password 😀
I’m wondering when you will show me
your treasures bought there 😀

Accessories of course
deserve separate entry, as usual.
It will appear soon 🙂

The beautiful interior
in which the session took place
is Indian restaurant HATTI 🙂


They gave very warm reception to our team 🙂
You can also order delicious vegan meals there 😀
I recommend it sincerely 😀

Photos made professionally as usual
by Matylda Szafrańska 🙂