Stylish flower accessories Stylish flower accessories Stylish flower accessories

Stylish flower accessories are my favorite additives to many stylings. 🙂
In presented outfit energetic pink is the leading color.
I think that you will love my choice of accessories. 😀
In my opinion they are perfect for this styling.

Pink hat makes spectacular contrast
with color of my hair. Careful expressive make up
perfectly matches uniform color of the hat,
just as earrings with colorful flowers
and floral print dress. 🙂
The hat is very well formed
though it contains no wool.
As a vegan I promote only vegan accessories
and my stylings don’t use animal derived products. 🙂

Shoes in hypnotizing pink

Shoes in hypnotizing pink which I used in my styling
have almost the same intensity of color as the hat. 🙂
High pink boots with laces arouse interest
of people passing by. 🙂
That’s just what I wished:
I strut through the world in my pink boots,
you will find me by the color of my shoes”.

Jewelry with motives of nature

Now I will tell you a few words about jewelry. 🙂
The earrings are hand made masterpieces.
They are made from tiny beads
forming miniature flowers.
Flowery motive of the earrings
harmonize with floral print of the dress,
making the styling complete.

I think that you must have noticed
a beautiful pendant at my neck. 🙂
I want to say that this type of jewelry
will often appear in my outfits. 🙂
The pendant has a shape of half moon.
It’s hand made of special resin.
There are real flowers sunk in it.
When I look at it I imagine the evening light of Luna
immerse in the pendant. 🙂
It’s so magical and mysterious… I love it.

The jewelry I wear at my neck
was made by Marta Schier from MOONART brand. 😀
Get to know her site:

You will find unique jewelry there.
Thank you for following my blog, my dear ones.
Let the power be with you!
Making stylings for you is a real pleasure to me.

Photo session in Jasmine Palace in Batorowo near Poznań

made by irreplaceable Matylda Szafrańska

Help with session: Marcin Raczkowski