Amazing golden outfit Amazing golden outfit Amazing golden outfit Amazing golden outfit

I was enchanted by a golden outfit with a shirt in that color
sewn of smooth and nicely glittering fabric. 🙂
The shirt is fluttering with my movements
shimmering at all sides.
It’s just beautiful. 🙂

I accentuated the shirt at waist
with a belt with golden buckle.
Together they make a stylish set.
I bought the golden shirt in an online second hand store:

I can assure that you will find many fashion treasures there. 🙂
As a vegan I am a follower of sustainable fashion. 🙂
I recommend buying second hand clothes and also selling
the things you don’t use anymore.
You can exchange not only your clothes but also jewelry with your friends. 😀

Perfect outfit for everyday

A part of my styling are casual pants
of a sports brand.
They give a casual character to the styling.
In my opinion it is a perfect outfit for everyday. 🙂
Of course if you put on stilettos instead of boots
you would get a completely different creation.
But you will be able to read about accessories
in the next entry. 🙂

Photos made by Matylda Szafrańska

The beautiful background of the photos
is Jasmin Palace in Batorowo near Poznań

Help with session Marcin Raczkowski