Red color and… love accessories Red color and… love accessories Red color and… love accessories Red color and… love accessories

My dear ones 🙂
Everyone looks good in red 🙂
It’s enough to choose right color saturation
and its temperature for a given person.
Today I will tell you about red in accessories
but you will see not only this color here 🙂
I will begin from red flat cap 🙂
Made of ecological leather
it perfectly fits the whole styling
and my colorful hair 😀
Of course you know, my dear ones
that head covers just as shoes
are my fashion hobby 😀
It’s wonderful to combine those elements
so they look consistent and vivid
in the outfit 🙂

Black shoes on sturdy tractor sole
are not only comfortable
but also very fashionable this season 😀
And small purses on them
are attached separately.
You can wear them
but you don’t have to.
I think that they give rock character
and they are really nice 😀
What’s more you can treat them
as a small hiding place for your treasures 😉 😀

Now I will return to the accessories
on top part of the body
that is to earrings 🙂
Red crystals like wine drops
are surrounded by smaller ones
in white and silver
resembling dew drops 🙂
Their shine attracts attention
and makes us cheerful 🙂
They look very elaborate.
Though earrings are such a small gadget
they always accentuate face and make up 🙂
There is no styling without earrings for me.

You have already met purses made of sails
in my previous looks 🙂
That is Seashopper brand 🙂
The developer and designer of the brand
Paulina Barałkiewicz
buys worn out sails
from the whole Europe and even the world
and gives second life to them
making those interesting
and unique purses of them 🙂
It’s a really innovative idea 😀
I’m always under great impression
of these products and their creator 😀
I invite you to the brand’s site:

Here you wil surely feel marine enthusiasm
and spirit of sea voyage 🙂

My dear ones, I told you
about the accessories
that decorate the blouse
by MADAME brand 🙂

I think that the styling is complete
and perfectly complemented with accessories 🙂

Photo session took place
in Cezar Hotel in Koszuty near Poznań 🙂

Photos made by Matylda Szafrańska 🙂