Subtle styling for cooler days Subtle styling for cooler days Subtle styling for cooler days

It’s still cold outside, my dear ones.
You cannot feel the spring.
Subtle styling for cooler days
which I want to show you
relies to my longing for warmer season.
So I summon the spring with bright and funny colors 😀
I like very much to mix light summer dresses
with warm pullovers 🙂
A little summer and a little winter in an outfit 😀
Opposites attract, also in fashion
making together an interesting look 🙂

A dress with floral print

A dress with floral print make me think
of a light spring breeze.
Such a meadow in winter makes up my mood.
It brings thoughts of summer and sun 🙂
The dress has a V-neck
in which I always look good 🙂
It’s a dress which serves me for a long time now.
As a fashion stylist I always stress
that garments of good quality
can be used for long time
and mixed in various ways.
The dress comes from the collection of
Dominika Młyńczak 🙂
I invite you to the designer’s site:

You can find Dominika’s fashion projects
in Wroclavia shopping mall
in Wrocław 🙂
I recommend it! 😀

Fluffy pastel pullover

Airy fabric of the dress
I combined with a fluffy pastel pullover.
Of course there is no wool in it.
Why? Because I’m vegan, my dear ones 🙂
Bright colors of the pullover
perfectly complement the colors of the dress 🙂
I accentuated the waist
with two belts of ecological leather 🙂
I feel that there is the power in that styling 😀
Accessories will be discussed in next entry 🙂

Please put attention to the background of the photos.
I made the session in beautiful place
that is Cezar Hotel in Koszuty near Poznań 🙂

Photos made by Matylda Szafrańska 🙂