Colorful street wear Colorful street wear Colorful street wear Colorful street wear Colorful street wear

Today I want to show you,
my dear ones,
colorful street wear 🙂
I want always to feel comfortable
no matter the character of the styling.
I chose the look typical for our streets.
I like such outfits very much 🙂
I can run through the shops in them or walk
and I always feel comfortable 🙂

A rainbow colored shirt
is an American brand Chic Nyc 🙂

T-shirt is made of breathable cotton.
I like to mix it with many outfits.
On top I put a bomber jacket
which I occasionally bought
in one of Koszalin’s boutiques.
It’s silver with merry
colorful appliques.
The appliqués are embroidered with sequins.
Isn’t it an extraordinary jacket? 😀
Neon pink sweat pants
are functional and very practical.
In that styling I feel original
and even hedonistic thanks to comfort it gives.
Street stylings should be useful and relaxing.
Ans so I feel in my look 🙂
Accessories are also
out of the ordinary.
I will tell about them soon 🙂

Photos in beautiful garden
of Hotel 500
in Tarnowo Podgórne

made by Piotr Stopyra 🙂

Help with session
Alla Kubitsa 🙂

I haven’t said the last word yet.
I haven’t put a dot on “i” .
I thought I was fighting a losing battle.
But the world hasn’t forgotten me.
My determination isn’t fighting.
It’s calming down the voice
of nonsense and foolishness.
I put up a rock from the path
but it wasn’t a boulder.
It’s weight laid in guilt and imperfection of being.
Now the bliss comes from desire
and belief.
I am belief, I am the feeling of perfect harmony.
He and she.
God and me.
Found and apologized.
Only us.