Vegan accessories don’t cause
any animal killing.
I don’t hear the cry of innocent animals in them.
That’s why such accessories have great power 😀
They are clean according to my philosophy
and I can apply the fifth commandment
You shall not kill” to them.

I will start from shoes
with floral print,
exactly with roses 🙂
The shoes are of sturdy
and durable fabric.
You feel warm and comfortable in them.
I feel they give energy
to my sweatsuit look 🙂
Such beautiful shoes
are the work of a designer
Izabella Krzysiek 🙂

And I have a gift for you
15% off for Izabella’s collection 😀
It’s activated with MODOROTA password 🙂
I’m inviting not only vegans to do the shopping 😉 🙂

The purse of ecological fur
you already know from other stylings 🙂
It’s beautiful and timeless 🙂
It can serve many outfits
just as this with the green sweatsuit

The purse comes from
NOBO BAGS collection 🙂
At the site

you can buy purses
with 10% off 😀
Just write in
“modorota2020” password 😀
Don’t hesitate to use it! 🙂

Silver earrings with green eye
captivated me with their idea
and uniqueness 🙂
Aren’t they fascinating? 🙂
I put pins to my hair
that shine with rainbow of colors 🙂
They are still trendy.
I always have to have something
on or in my hair.
It’s a nice compulsion
without which I feel
the styling incomplete
and not satisfying for me.

That’s all about accessories
to the green sweatsuit 🙂
I encourage you, my dear ones,
to be conscious of your choices
and go for vegan accessories 🙂
They’re long lasting, beautiful
and you will have clear conscience 🙂
I will always support vegan fashion 🙂
Go Vegan! 😀

Photos in Hotel 500
in Tarnowo Podgórne

made by Piotr Stopyra 🙂

Help with session
Alla Kubitsa 🙂