Black dress and passion Black dress and passion Black dress and passion Black dress and passion Black dress and passion

My dear ones 🙂
Black is an interesting color.
I want to show you a black dress,
which is the expression of artistic passion 🙂
Passion that shows itself
in extraordinary design.
In this dress you can feel
the designer’s sublime idea 🙂
The dress was made by Diana Sencerek 🙂

A woman not only talented
but also self confident.
She knows what she expects from life
and she shows it in her designs.
I want to draw your attention
especially to the back of the dress.
Isn’t it surprising? 😀
In this dress I feel comfortable
and incredibly fine 🙂
As a fairy which can do
any magic 😀
I’m not exaggerating 🙂 😉
The dress is a miracle
and miraculous is the interior
of charming Hotel 500
in Tarnowo Podgórne near Poznań 🙂

Of course I don’t believe in coincidencies,
so I was looking for a hotel for my photo session in Internet
and I found Hotel 500 🙂
It charmed me also with its fairytale garden,
which you will see in next entries 🙂
I’m recommending this place to you.
You must visit it 🙂
The service is very nice and helpful 🙂
The kitchen is very tasty 🙂
They made a vegan dish especially for me 🙂
It was very good 🙂
I will tell you more about the hotel
in next entries 🙂

The accessories will have another, separate entry.
They are intriguing and make a perfect whole
with the dress 🙂

Photos in Hotel 500

made by Piotr Stopyra 🙂

Help with session
Alla Kubitsa 🙂