Accessories with a fall character Accessories with a fall character Accessories with a fall character

The styling with the tunic by Odzieżowe Pole
is in colors of earth 🙂
The accessories to this outfit
also repeat this range of colors
and they are characteristic of fall.

Little hat, black and shining,
reflects the sunlight 😀
I think that it’s too early for
warm winter caps.
But the hat will be perfect
for fall aura 🙂

Black color is repeated in shoes.
Interesting silver buckle and
amazing sole
make an impression 😀
The shoes make me look taller
what slims me optically 🙂
And they are very comfortable.
Due to my health problems
I cannot wear stilettos.
But such shoes make a perfect alternative.
I fell extraordinary in them 😀

The earrings are woven by hand
from tiny beads.
Such jewelry you can buy
in Odzieżowe Pole 🙂

I recommend them because they are unique 😀

The XXL purse attracts attention
not only with its size
but also with interesting design 🙂
Its color perfectly fits the whole look.
Please, pay attention to strong ropes
which play the role of straps.
Thanks to them, the purse can serve
to carry a laptop for example 😀
The purse was made by Joasia Olkiewicz
from No Sugar brand 😀

I invite you to get to know
the collection of purses and jewelry by Joasia 🙂
I am delighted with them 😀

In next entry subdued colors
will give place to the ones
that add energy to the styling  🙂
I’m inviting you to follow my blog 🙂

Photos in Museum of Środa Region Koszuty Palace 🙂

made by Matylda Szafrańska 🙂