Accessories in forestial entourage Accessories in forestial entourage Accessories in forestial entourage

Accessories in colors of nature around
appeared in forestial entourage 🙂
Who told that we can wear fascinator
only for special occasions?
For me, every going out
is such an occasion 🙂
Even when I’m staying at home
I put on various head decorations
to make me feel happy 😀
These are, as now in the forest,
mainly fascinators by
YOKO Design 🙂

Fascinator combined with a tunic
of herbal pattern
by MADAME brand

show my personality 🙂
This is, as my friend once told,
crowning of feminine styling 🙂

There is summer, there is sun.
Though I wear sunglasses all year long,
in the summer almost all people do it.
Only remember
to choose good quality glasses.
Protection of our eyes is the most important.
And by the way look for interesting design 🙂

The earrings in the shades of green and gold
I took from my jewellery box 😀
They add chic and accentuate
the charm of sunglasses and fascinator 🙂

Beautiful bag with print
that reminds Amazon jungle
is an interesting project of Bertoni brand 🙂

This brand has in its offer bags with various patterns 🙂
They suit every occasion
and every Woman
and they are eco friendly 🙂
I often tell you,
that if you want to have
a bag, a backpack or a phone case
with an interesting print
and vegan,
then Bertoni brand will meet all these wishes 🙂
And what’s more, you have 25% off 🙂
With MODOROTA password of course 😀

And now… also vegan… shoes 🙂
Very comfortable ones
of a cut I love 🙂
In such shoes you can walk for hours
and your feet are relaxed.
These shoes were made by
Steady’s brand 🙂
On their website

you will find also interesting combat boots
and other shoes.
Not only vegan
though these are the most interesting for me 🙂
It’s good to have shoes so comfortable 🙂
With MODOROTA password
you will get 5% off 😀

So much about accessories, my dear ones.
Without them
no styling can exist.Every element that makes a given look,
that is clothes and accessories,
are connected with each other 🙂
Together they make a perfect entirety 😀
Soon new texts and photos
will appear at my blog 🙂
I invite you to follow it 😀
I’m greeting you, my dear ones :* 🙂

Photos in Puszcza Zielonka
made by Piotr Stopyra 🙂

Help with session
my friend, Alla Kubitsa 🙂