Accessories from A to Z Accessories from A to Z Accessories from A to Z

Today I will tell you
about accessories from A to Z 😀
Among dots and tassels
interesting accessories are hidden 🙂
Head covers are my fashion hobby 🙂
Whenever I see any interesting hat or cap
I have to buy it 😉 😀
Flat-cap of ecological leather
is a color twin with the sweatshirt 🙂
Do you like flat-caps?
I love them 😀

Sunglasses make a color trio
with flat-cap and sweatshirt 🙂
Such monochrome 🙂

The design of earrings
refers to the dots on skirt 🙂
They have an interesting logo
known worldwide 😉 😀

The purse I chose is very comfortable
and spacious 🙂
It’s delicately golden,
as the print on skirt 🙂
It’s made of delicate
ecological, of course, leather 🙂
That means vegan 😀

To add some spice to the styling
I put on cowboy boots
also of ecological leather 🙂
They have interesting appliques 🙂
It reminds me plants
that grow at the seaside 🙂
But it’s my association 😀

The rings don’t lack either 🙂
I wear them every day
to all stylings 🙂
They’re my talisman 😉 🙂

Now I have told you everything
about accessories from A to Z 🙂
I wanted to show
how nicely they fit the look 🙂

I’m inviting you at some time
to Hotel 500
in Tarnowo Podgórne 🙂

There the photo session took place
with the hands of Piotr Stopyra 🙂

My friend Alla Kubitsa
helped with session 🙂