In a dress and combat boots In a dress and combat boots

In today’s styling
dress is the most important 🙂
It is, you can say,
multipurpose 🙂
It means you can wear it in many ways 😀
I think I look positive in it 🙂
Thanks to its interesting design
and good sewing 🙂
The dress comes from MADAME brand’s collection 🙂
I have something especially for you
my dear ones:
5% off with MODOROTA password 😀
I’m inviting you to do shopping at the site:

You will find unique designs there.
Let’s love Polish designers
not commonness and poor quality.

Many of you might think:
if a dress then stilettos.
But I don’t really like
such combination.
I chose combat boots
of ecological leather 🙂
They give an edge and energy to the look 😀
I will tell you
I have had those boots
for about eight years now
and you cannot see
almost any signs of wearing out.
They’re in very good condition 🙂

At the photos I look like wine connoisseur 😉 😀
This interesting place is
Hotel 500 in Tarnowo Podgórne 🙂

Photos made by
Piotr Stopyra 🙂

Help with session
Alla Kubitsa 🙂

Memories full of tears
will not last in my mind for long.
I don’t want to feel pain and inconsistency.
There’s so much fighting in my psyche
and little peace.
Only few can feel joy.
Would the insensitive people possess this luxury?
From this moment I stop
fighting with myself.
I surrendered.
But I didn’t lose.
I achieved balance.
Only my cat winks at me knowingly.
He knows.
I know it too.