Accessories for the fall outfit Accessories for the fall outfit Accessories for the fall outfit Accessories for the fall outfit

I am walking in my fall outfit
in the surrounding of the plants
of Hotel 500 garden 🙂
I chose accessories
proportional and ideal to that styling 😉 😀

Black flat cap not only protects
from chilly wind.
It also decorates the head 🙂
I like such head covers very much.
Do you wear flat caps, my dears? 😀
I wear them all the year long,
depending on the weather 🙂

I also use sunglasses
for the whole year 🙂
I like the ones with designers’ frames 😀
Always trendy, always fashionable 🙂

Circle shaped earrings
are a real rainbow of colors
shining merrily 🙂
They come from my home collection.

The purse is made of black
ecological fur 🙂
100% vegan! 🙂
That’s what I like 😀
It’s very nice in touch.
Big metal circles serve as handles.
It has the brand’s logo 🙂
Such beautiful vegan purses
are of course from
It’s good to have
a fall purse of that brand 🙂
I’m inviting you to the site

There you can buy
NOBO bags
with 10% off 😀
Just write „modorota2020” password 🙂
So… go shopping! 😀

As for shoes,
cowboy boots are coming back 🙂
In my look they play an important role 🙂
The upper has nice colorful print
on white background 🙂
The lower part is black
with fantasy stitches 🙂
Those shoes captivated me so
that I decided to buy them 😉 😀
You can use them to many various stylings 😀
Of course they are made of high quality
ecological leather 🙂
I’m recommending cowboy boots to you 🙂
Your stylings will get more character with them 🙂

Christmas is coming soon 🙂
I will show you
the festive outfit I chose this year 😀
You will soon see it at my blog 🙂

Photos in Hotel 500
in Tarnowo Podgórne

made by Piotr Stopyra 🙂

Help with session
my irreplaceable
Alla Kubitsa 🙂