Outfit and fall sun Outfit and fall sun Outfit and fall sun Outfit and fall sun Outfit and fall sun

I’m warming myself in fall sun,
walking among the mysterious plants
of Hotel 500 garden 🙂


My shirt is in color of falling leaves.
It matches the colors of nature 🙂
Its simple cut fits my shape perfectly.
I feel like a tree
which branches are moved by wind 🙂
Perfect and durable
yet ephemeral.

Pants with pockets at sides
and decorative stripes
were already present at my blog 🙂
They inspire me to create many stylings 🙂
You can buy them
and many other interesting clothes
at the designer Diana Sencerek 🙂


You can buy it all with 20% off 😀
You must only give a password
only Ms Diana and I know 🙂 😉
I can give you the password
if you write to me 😀

I also want to tell you about the accessories
that make this styling.
But in a separate entry 🙂

I’m inviting you to Hotel 500
and its beautiful garden
which is its integral part 🙂


You will certainly have
unforgettable experiences there 🙂

Photos made by
Piotr Stopyra 🙂


Help with session
Alla Kubitsa 🙂