Accessories as igniting spark Accessories as igniting spark Accessories as igniting spark Accessories as igniting spark

Accessories are always
igniting spark of fire
which gives shine and power to the styling 😀
It is so in this outfit, too 🙂
The MADAME dress

has in itself magic
which I want to enhance
with accessories 🙂

Long earrings made of tiny crystals
mean bling and elegance 🙂
They sparkle with the slightest movement 🙂
They’re like twinkling stars
that you can touch with your hand 😀
They have worldwide known logo on them 😉 🙂
It’s beautiful and even magical jewelry 😀
I bought them together
with many other accessories
during close up of one of boutiques
in Koszalin.
It was unplanned
but very favorable buy 🙂

On my neck I’m wearing
a set of various chains
in color of gold 🙂
They decorate one-colored dress beautifully.
Their shine fits perfectly 🙂

Of course I put always comfort
at the first place 🙂
But I also emphasize
that you should combine it
with interesting design 🙂
To this look I chose original
vegan Dr Martens’ shoes.
I’ve already mentioned
that I have them for many years.
Their good quality makes them usable
for really long time 🙂
And believe me that you cannot see
any serious sign of wearing out on them.

The purse is the brand
you probably know not only from my stylings.
I appreciate the brand
for you can make many interesting variations
with their purses
in various styles 🙂
NOBO BAGS purses have
big creative potential 🙂
When they come to my hands
I can make unforgettable stylings with them 😉 😀
You can buy NOBO BAGS purses
with 10% off
at the site:

with „modorota2020” password.
Feel invited 😀

I’m always stressing out
that the place of photo session is very important 🙂
Not only because of nice views
but also of nice people
who make this place friendly 🙂
That’s why I recommend
Hotel 500 in Tarnowo Podgórne 🙂

Nice location
and very friendly people
who work there 🙂
I must admit that the people
who work with me at sessions
are also very friendly and outgoing 🙂
It’s Piotr Stopyra, the photographer

and my friend Alla Kubitsa
who is responsible for the logistics 🙂

I’m inviting you to follow my blog
and comment on the stylings 🙂
Huge kisses for you,
my dear ones! :*