Accessories to the golden outfit Accessories to the golden outfit Accessories to the golden outfit

An outfit without decorative accessories is incomplete. 😀
Details play an important role in every styling.
Accessories to the golden outfit were carefully chosen
and make the whole together with clothes. 🙂

Golden accessories are intriguing and catch the eye.
Golden earrings with white and silver crystals
are a birthday gift from my friend Małgosia Sikorska. 🙂
Aren’t they elegant and with good taste?
Made in half moon shape they bring association
with starry sky when the night gives us kisses
under the shining moon.

Thank you Małgosia! 🙂

Boots with golden chains

White boots with golden chains
are a distinct accent of this styling. 😀
When I move the chains buzz nicely
to the beat of my steps.
White shoes with golden decorations
are an element that suits many stylings. 🙂
As a fashion stylist I encourage you
to buy shoes in that colors.
I hope you liked this unique footwear
with elements of gold and shine. 🙂

Photos made by Matylda Szafrańska

Photo session took place
in Jasmine Palace in Batorowo
near Poznań

Help with session Marcin Raczkowski