My dear ones 🙂
Today I was walking in the city for several hours,
passing leaflets of a countrywide event:
“Let’s break the chains”.
The happening was attracting people’s attention
to the tragic treatment of dogs kept on chains.
I could observe the styles of passers-by.
There was a few that caught my eye,
but the most interesting was
Ola Marcisz,
whom I accosted on the street.
We introduced ourselves
and Ola let me take a photo of her 🙂
I’m not a good photographer,
so I am sorry for the quality of the photo.
You can see Ola’s sense of color,
a little of fun and play in her style.
Excellent on the whole 🙂
I’m really impressed.
That is what I like.
Would you maybe drop a few words
on your style, Ola?
I’m greeting you from my heart :*